Welcome to the Sustainable Alcoholic Journal

Hi folks. This is my “Sustainable Alcoholic” journal (that is, a journal for now – but it is likely going to evolve). I am not 100% certain I like the name, because it evokes, well, you know… a rather negative image. You may think I’m some dude sipping a “bum wine” like Thunderbird or – God forbid – Boone’s Farm – out of a paper bag while mumbling to myself or the squirrels from a decrepit park bench covered in pigeon poo.

Anyway, that’s not who I am, but who knows? I could be. There but for the Grace of God, right? Right now I have a computer, and I’m typing from a cozy warm apartment. Not the Taj, but not a roach-infested slum hallway either. But it could be.

“I am…” Those 2 words tend to haunt me. I don’t want to use them in a sentence like, “I am an alcoholic.” Somehow, saying something like that – so definitive – frightens me.

Well… that was certainly a cheery welcome to this blog, wasn’t it? It all just kind of spilled out because I needed to do something with it – and those are the words that happened to fly off my fingertips. I’ll be back (hopefully with a post that is a little more upbeat than this one!). In the meantime, thank you for stopping by the welcome page!