Beer Review: Three Floyds Brewing - Gumballhead

  • ABV: 4.5%, Style: American Pale Wheat
  • Brewed in Munster, IN, USA
  • Best before ?
  • Served: 355ml bottle poured into a US pint tumbler
  • Date reviewed: 27 October 2012 (see how out of date I am)


Stopping over at Chicago airport, I asked for the strange beer with the cartoon cat on it, because it was the only thing in the bar that I didn’t recognise. I was very happy when it arrived and turned out to a Three Floyds beer. The bottle had no date and because of the location I can only presume it had been there forever, but either way, cheers ORD!

Look: Slightly murky, amber-yellow beer, the head was pretty small, but there was a fair amount of lacing.

Aroma: Smells like a bag of hops smells - not in the way that a hoppy beer smells, but literally like smelling them in the bag, that is to say, aromatic, grassy, vegetative and powdery. There’s a hint of rubber back there as well.

Taste: The fresh hop feeling comes through in the taste. Reminded me of a BrewDog beer with, the rubberiness, but with sweeter malt than they’d usually use.

Mouthfeel: Medium bodied, quite fizzy and slick.


Overall: It’s a nice beer, but it’s really not a wheat. I’m not sure what it is stylistically, but it’s tasty and I’d drink it again. A lucky find. 4/5

- 7th February 2013, Sustainable Alcoholic

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