Beer Review: Dark Star Brewing Co - Green Hop

  • ABV: 6.5%, Style: Fresh hop IPA
  • Brewed in Horsham, UK
  • Best before 15 October 2013
  • Served: 330ml bottle poured into an IMBC 1/3 pint stemmed tulip
  • £4.39 from Micro Bar, Manchester

Dark Star Brewing Co - Green Hop

"This ‘big’ IPA is created with Simcoe hops and then made even bigger by using fresh green hops infused into the beer as it conditions." Apparently it’s fresh Target they use. I was excited to see that there are more fresh hop beers in the UK. The Hop in Sheffield actually had a festival of them last year that I totally failed to get to. Maybe this year.

I drank this beer on Christmas day. Time flies.

Look: Golden, yellow beer. Pretty much the exact same shade as morning pee. Small head with no lacing.

Aroma: Pepper and grass with light biscuit aromas coming through.

Taste: Nice and sharp hoppy beer with lots of fresh citrus fruit and a good bitter citrus finish. Very zingy and fresh. Like a Kernel beer, but more so.

Mouthfeel: Quite fizzy, but there’s a nice medium body to this beer.

Dark Star Brewing Co - Green Hop

Overall: Really enjoyable fresh hop beer. Good work Dark Star, I’ll be looking for it again. It’s a little strong for a session number and I’m sure it’ll age terribly, but I’ll keep an eye out at harvest next year. 4/5

- 3rd March 2013, Sustainable Alcoholic

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