Beer Review: Canterbury Brewers - Galactic Belgian

Canterbury Brewers - Galactic Belgian

Cheers to BeeryBastard for the kind message. I suppose I should post some of these reviews I’ve got sat in my draft folder. Sadly, this one isn’t a classic. But on we go regardless.

I have absolutely idea about this brewery, but I went to Uni in Canterbury so I’ve got a soft spot for the place. I’m scared of the concept of Belgian yeast plus dry hopping. Surely that means bananas, cloves and lemon. That’s not a combination that appeals. Oh well, here we go.

Look: Hazy beer that’s a murky orange colour. Very little head, just a few bubbles around the edge.

Aroma: Whiff of the sour, but there’s quite a sweet fruit aroma too. Worried about the sourness, sort of smells infected and the total lack of carbonation worries me that’s the case even more.

Taste: Starts watery and then gets bitter. The sour milk taste hits around the middle. At least the bitterness takes over at the end.

Mouthfeel: Really watery, a little dry, the lack of carbonation doesn’t help.

Canterbury Brewers - Galactic Belgian

Overall: I’m pretty sure that this beer isn’t meant to taste like this. If you make a sour beer, you’re usually proud of the fact. The lack of carbonation also suggests it’s not really what the brewer intended. Bad form. 0/5

- 10th June 2013, Sustainable Alcoholic

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