Beer Review: Founders Brewing Co - Double Trouble

  • ABV: 9.4%, Style: Imperial IPA
  • Brewed on 15 March 2011
  • Brewed in Grand Rapids, MI, USA
  • Served: 355ml bottle poured into an Abstrakt snifter

Founders Brewing Co - Double Trouble

Aroma: Creamy, malty, citrus, coconut and booze

Taste: Initially sweet and floral with tropical fruit before giving way to a long, bitter grapefruit finish. There’s a hint of whiskey and oak but I don’t think it’s been barrel aged, ultimately it feels a little dusty.

Mouthfeel: Light carbonation, slightly syrupy.

Overall: Much nicer than I remember it last time I tried it. The sweetness is a bit sickly so I don’t think would enjoy much more than one. I was surprised by the colour too, I remember it being far more amber. 3.5/5

Although it has nothing to do with the beer, please take a moment to enjoy the brooding Manchester sky in the below photograph. (And enjoy my hand and camera reflected in the glass too. Oops!)

Founders Brewing Co - Double Trouble

- 14th March 2012, Sustainable Alcoholic